The All-New F-150 Lighting

New Lightning

The All-New F-150 Lighting

The highly anticipated Ford F-150 Lighting made its debut late evening on March 19th, 2021, and its return is more electrifying than ever. Ford is promising big performance to live up to that Lightning name. With two battery choices, one configuration, and several feature options, this EV truck will send ripples throughout the truck market.

The F-150 has been America’s #1 selling vehicle for 39 years and adding the EV to its fleet will prove Ford’s dedication to building a sustainable, safe, capable product. Development and evolution is no stranger as seen by the impressive Lightning.

Each F-150 Lightning will come in a Crew Cab, 5.5 ft bed, and two electric motors. The EV can be equipped with two battery options: standard range with 230 miles or extended range with 300 miles. The numbers are profound at 775 ft-lbs of instant torque and 563 horsepower.

Technology is this truck’s best friend. With a standard 12’ touchscreen or optional 15.5in screen, every need will be at the tap of your fingertips. Each model will have the newest Sync 4 system so personalizing your own ride will be a breeze.

Lightning can support more than just your commute. In the event of a power outage, your own vehicle can be used as a generator to power your home, keeping your lights, appliances, and security systems intact.

The max tow rating is an impressive 10,000 pounds, and the payload is 2,000 pounds max.

This vehicle is estimated to deliver to customers in mid-2022, ordering begins later in the 2021 year. The important part is getting a reservation now! can be easily navigated to create an account and reserve your Lightning with your preferred dealer.

Calling us at Walker Ford is always a great resource! Reach us via our website or phone, 727-535-3673.


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