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Ford A X Z D Plan Pricing at Walker Ford

Buying a new or used vehicle can be expensive, which is why Walker Ford offers A X Z D plan pricing for qualified buyers to help you save. If you’re ready to finance or lease a new Ford vehicle, check and see if you qualify for special pricing for Ford employees, dealership team members, friends, and family. You might qualify for A, X, Z, or D Plan Pricing if you live near Clearwater, Florida and Walker Ford. Learn more about each plan below, what the qualifications are, and start saving money on the purchase of your next new Ford car, truck, van, or SUV.

Ford A & Z Plan Pricing

This plan is available for active Ford Motor Company corporate employees, immediate family members of employees, spouses/partners, and surviving spouses of employees who died while still working for Ford. A Plan participants are able to use up to four PINs per calendar year to purchase or lease a new vehicle. Z Plan pricing and PIN usage per year is the same, but is for Ford retirees, as well as spouses and surviving spouses of retirees.

Ford D Plan Pricing

D Plan pricing is available for Ford dealership employees and qualifying family members, including your spouse, parent, step-parent, spouse’s parent, grandparent, spouse’s grandparent, son, daughter, step-child, grandchild, sibling, half-sibling, step-sibling, or same-sex domestic partner covered under health care plan. D Plan participants can generate up to two PINs per year to use for discounted pricing on new Ford financing and leasing.

Ford X Plan Pricing

The X-Plan is for friends, non-immediate family members, and members of partner organizations that have a special connection with Ford. This Friends and Neighbors discount allows Ford Motor Company employees and retirees to sponsor their friends, neighbors, family members, and colleagues for a discount. Sponsors must know the buyers they are sponsoring and can assist them through the process. Buyers must apply through their Ford Motor Company contact and may not discuss a retail purchase of a vehicle with a dealer before applying for the X Plan. Qualified buyers for the X Plan may access up to two PINs per year.

How to Apply for a PIN

To generate your PIN for a new vehicle on the A, Z, D or X Plan, there is a Ford website where you can get started. Walker Ford can help with generating PINs for D Plan buyers. Otherwise, the Ford employee or retiree helping the buyer can navigate the [website] (https://www.myplan.ford.com/myplanweb/login.do) and provide the needed information to generate PINs. PINs are valid for 12 months, and can only be used one time per vehicle lease or purchase. Most Ford vehicles of the current or previous model year qualify, though certain models like the Bronco, F-150 Raptor, and special edition Mustang models may not qualify for a discount.

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