Commercial Retail


Ford Credit provides flexible solutions so we can meet your changing business requirements. We’ll work with you to help develop financially smart solutions.


  • Traditional financing
  • Flexible terms
  • No hidden fees
  • Combined billing available

Eligible Vehicles

  • New/used
  • Cars through heavy duty trucks
  • Vehicles used for livery (for-hire) operations
  • CNG/LPG, Bi-fuel, BEV vehicles
  • Upfit vehicles

Ineligible Vehicles

  • Emergency, fire and ambulance
  • Rental units
  • Federal, State or Local Government

Ford Options

Ford Options is a fixed-rate purchase contract with a series of level payments followed by a larger final payment, which can be fulfilled in several ways. Ford Options also provides several features designed to make ownership convenient for your specific business needs. The unique flexibility of Ford Options gives you three popular options at the end of the contract:
  • Pay the final payment
  • Refinance the final payment with Ford Credit
  • Return the vehicle to Ford Credit to satisfy the final payment (subject to wear and use and excess mileage)

For more Ford Options program information, visit the Ford Credit Financing Options page and scroll to “Ford Options”.

Are You A Fleet Customer

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Vehicle Protection Add-on

Commercial GAPCoverage
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