What Type of Car Warranty Should You Choose?

Mechanic Showing The Cost Of Service

Warranty coverage is a very important aspect to consider when picking out your next vehicle. Warranties differ not only between manufacturers, but also between models. Some of the lingo can be confusing with them, so it is important to try and understand what they mean so that you can make the best informed decision.

The two most popular auto warranties are bumper to bumper and powertrain. As you may be able to decode from the term “bumper to bumper,” this warranty is the best because it covers almost all parts on the car. Hence the term, bumper to bumper.

A powertrain warranty is different in that not everything is going to be covered. However, the powertrain includes anything that generates power and makes your vehicle go such as your engine, transmission, and drivetrain. Those areas of your vehicle will typically be the most expensive to repair, so a powertrain warranty is still an attractive offer.

To learn more about the different warranties available for your next Ford vehicle purchase, contact our sales staff here at Walker Ford in Clearwater, FL.


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