Explore the Ford F-150 in Clearwater Today

The Ford F-150 is well-known as a full-size truck. What you might not have known is that it has a lot of high-tech features to keep you safer on the road. One of those features is the adaptive cruise control. If the vehicle ahead of you slows, the F-150 also slows. You set the following distance, and it adjusts your speed.

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Discover the Smart Features of the Ford C-MAX

Ford's C-MAX is a popular hybrid car. One of its top features is the customizable LCD display. On the display, you see how your driving habits affect your fuel economy. It will make recommendations on how to change your driving style in order to conserve fuel and get better mileage.

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The State-of-the-Art Technology of the Ford Focus ST

When the driving performance of your car is a top priority, consider the advanced technology that puts the 2018 Ford Focus ST in a class of its own. The Focus ST is an exceptional engineered compact hatchback that is eye-catching at any angle.

Whether you're looking for the comfort of a heated steering wheel or the style of the bright-tipped center exhaust system, there's something for everyone in the new designs. 

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Ford Explorer Performance Features

Have you seen the new Ford Explorer for 2018? The SUV is one of the top in its midsize class, offering several different trims and engine options for those who want more performance and power. You can go with the Platinum 4WD to get the highest performance with a twin turbo V6 3.5-liter engine that really picks up and drives. For the most fuel economy, the Limited FWD is the best option...

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Ford Edge Technology Features for 2018

There are a ton of new technology features in the Ford Edge for 2018. The interiors have been completely redesigned to be smarter and safer for the driver. Now, drivers get the Ford Safe and Smart package that comes with blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, forward collision warnings, and parking assists. You can access all of the cameras from the center console screen, as well as Sync 3, Ford’s amazing infotainment system.

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The All New Ford Mustang Design

Have you seen the latest from Ford? The new Ford Mustang is ranked as the number one sports car by US News & World Report. You can see the new design unveiled this year to praise. The latest design features are sleek and modern, but they also still appeal to those who like the classic design.

There is also more power built into the engines of the latest Mustang, which comes with a twin-turbocharged four-cylinder engine. 

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What’s Inside the 2018 Ford Flex?

A spacious interior, wood inlay, and leather wrapped seating. These are just some of the design features that you come to expect from a popular three-row midsize SUV. We’re excited to present the 2018 Ford Flex.

Blue, orange, red- you can choose these lighting options along with others to match your mood with ambient lighting. It allows you to light up the front and rear footwells, center console, and cupholders.

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What Type of Car Warranty Should You Choose?

Warranty coverage is a very important aspect to consider when picking out your next vehicle. Warranties differ not only between manufacturers, but also between models. Some of the lingo can be confusing with them, so it is important to try and understand what they mean so that you can make the best informed decision.

The two most popular auto warranties are bumper to bumper and powertrain. As you may be able to decode from the term "bumper to bumper," this warranty is the best because it covers almost all parts on the car. Hence the term, bumper to bumper. 

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Regularly Check These Essential Vehicle Fluids

Your vehicle is full of several types of fluids that help it operate regularly. If you don't regularly maintain those fluid levels, you put yourself up for vehicular failure. Whether your car won't start in the comfort of your driveway, or it stops in the middle of the highway, keeping these fluid levels topped off will help maintain the longevity of your vehicle.

Transmission fluid is found beneath your vehicle, and lubricates the gearbox. Without it, you might "grind your gears" – that’s where the popular phrase comes from. 

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